Amazon EFS setup for Morpheus App Tier


I have 3-Node HA setup on AWS cloud and Amazon EFS has to be used for shared storage. Morpheus supports NFS version 3 for NFS file share and EFS supports version 4. Could you please confirm the steps to be taken in order to mount the NFS Share from Amazon EFS.


The Morpheus application installation supports whatever the Operating system can connect to.

Morpheus can only deploy from our application, NFSv3.

@cbunge : Thank you for the response. This is actually regarding the Morpheus installation of 3-Node HA where we have to mount NFS file share to App tier for share storage so if we are using Amazon EFS for shared storage (/var/opt/morpheus/morpheus-ui/*) then how we can mount the EFS file share (NFSv4) to Morpheus app tier nodes ?

Yep I’m following on the ask. You would mount the EFS share with native utilities and add to fstab. There’s nothing Morpheus specific about that process.