ServiceNow CMDB Mapping with custom inputs

Hello Experts,

Are we able to use custom inputs ( <%=customOptions.fieldName%>) in SNOW CMDB custom mapping?

The idea is that the user orders the service catalog with this custom input, and CMP uses this input to create CI records in SNOW by using custom mapping as below.


Thank you,

I believe you should be able to. Other variables like are typically not available until after the machine begins creation, which is also when customOptions are available. I see in one of our environments we have customOptions configured with SNOW like:

“host_name”: “<%=instance.hostname%>”,
“guest_os_fullname”: “<%=instance.container.server.platform%>”,
“u_ambiente”: “<%=customOptions.ambiente%>”,
“u_guest_os_version”: “<%=instance.container.server.platformVersion%>”,
“u_cmp_resource_group”: “<>”,
“u_server_role”: “<%=customOptions.serverRole%>”,
“u_morpheus_instance_id”: “<>”

Thanks a lot @cbunge for your quick respond.