Custom Input FieldName with Separators

Hi ,

I am create a custom input where the fieldname is like “uni-app-app1” , “uni-app-app2” but service catalog is not accepting the inputs.

Is there any other way or syntax to use the input fieldname with separators ?

As per Morpheus Documentation, we can use “_” , “-” , “.” for separators.

Please can you try <%=customOptions.“uni-app-app1”%>

Service Catalog does not accept like “<%=customOptions.“uni-app-app1”%>”

@ctaylor : Can we use separators with custom inputs ? As per doc, we can but it is not working.

It works with <%=customOptions.‘uni-app-app1’%>

yep that’s fine “” would work if you were not using double quotes around the whole variable. Cheers