Remote Console For Windows VM is not working


I am creating a Windows OS instance (Platform: AWS) on Morpheus, but after VM is provisioning successfully, the console tab is not showing the RDP of the VM.

Port 3389 & 5985 are open. Is there anything else that I need to check for this.


Hi @ranujain If your role permissions are set to auto login.

You will want to make sure you have your user settings that you are logged in with set to the correct Windows User name and password on the VM. Morpheus will use these to try and auto login.

If you run morpheus-ctl tail guacd on the Morpheus appliance you should also see some info on the connection attempt.

@rboyd : Below are the logs I see in guacd for windows console connection.

I have provided Administrator password in Provisioning setting and one user in User Settings of my profile as well.

Hi Ranujain

Just check if the account on the Windows server is not disabled, locked out or awaiting a password reset.