Regarding the naming of the device in Morpheus

We would like to know, is there any way we can pass the device names from GUI, say from workflows etc to rename the disk drive letter generated by Morpheus randmly

We would like to if we can rename these device names say, System drive is usually a “C” drive and so we would like to have device name for each drive label.

System drive have device name as C instead of disk1 and so on

I would imagine you should be looking to changing the labels on the disks. That is capable during a during provisioning, or while adding new disks during reconfigure, etc.

It may be possible to change current drive labels via the API as well.

Not looking for changing on the drive label, I know we can modify them, we should like to change the device name , say label - system have a device name of C, similarly, if morpheus can provide us option of setting disk1 label have a device name as E and so on.