✅ List Virtual Machines by hostname

add Hostname column to Infrastructure>Compute>Virtual Machines to allow Tenant to see list of Virtual machines by hostname

When listing Virtual Machines in Compute>Virtual Machines you can only choose “Name” column which is base don the instance name. Virtual machines names are often not the same as the Virtual machine name or instance name.

Just remember though. If you go into a VM and decide to change the hostname (i.e. in Linux, using hostnamectl), the hostname will stay and remain out of sync with Morpheus. Morpheus allows you to edit the NAME of the instance and virtual machine, but it hangs onto what it believes is the hostname based on initial deployment, and won’t let you change it. So maybe, before this kind of feature is added, there needs to be an ability to edit the hostname.

@Wittling_Mark_CCI-At I actually opened up a support case based on what you said as I was looking to be able to change/correct hostnames myself as well. Based on “Updating a Host” and the listed Body Params it’s not supported, however it actually is per Morpheus support:

curl -s -k --request PUT --url "${API_ENDPOINT}/${API_SERVICE}/${OBJECT_ID}" \
--header "Authorization: BEARER ${APIKEY}" \
--header "Accept: application/json" \
--header "content-type: application/json" \
--data ' 
    "server": {
        "hostname": "your_new_hostname.example.com"