Red Hat Openshift (RHOCP) native integration support by Morpheus

Is a Red Hat Openshift (RHOCP) native integration supported by Morpheus instead of using the current Kubernetes cloud plug-in in the roadmap?


Charter is looking for OpenShift support in Morpheus. It uses the traditional k8s APIs and hopefully is not a large lift to get official support in the product.

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I would actually add, i would be very interested in being able to plug in to the hypervisor. I am looking at “bare iron”. (I guess they are too cool to call it baremetal) Given Redhat’s pricing - running this is far and away the economical route.

In eithercase, the hypervisor looks solid, i think my question is it basically just KVM underneath that first layer. Mostly thinking about visibility into the physical hosts, along with the nodes, then on down.