Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) Support in Morpheus

We have a vCenter cluster in our lab, currently two servers, and we have SR-IOV enabled on these two servers at the BIOS level. Each card you enable SR-IOV on becomes a Physical Function (PF), with x number of Virtual Functions (VFs). If this is properly enabled on the servers, vCenter learns/knows this, and will present to you a SR-IOV adaptor type (SRIOV) when you are deploying a virtual machine - the dropdown has [ VMXNET3, E1000, SRIOV ] instead of just the [ VMXNET3, E1000 ] adaptor types to choose from.

We are also deploying a Morpheus Kubernetes Cluster to test with, and the Morpheus K8S uses the Calico CNI and we are planning on adding additional CNIs - Multus, SR-IOV, and OpenVSwitch. It remains to be seen whether the Kubernetes cluster will work in Morpheus with these CNIs as we have not tested them yet. BUT - we cannot deploy a VM with an SR-IOV adaptor type, because Morpheus does not present SR-IOV as an option in the select list.

We really need this to be supported so we can run Telco workloads that want to utilize SR-IOV!