Reconfigure of VM networks is not allowed

Currently - user can’t reconfigure a network on any instance - Reconfigure - UI Pop have no access to change networks.

Issue is highlighted here -

I believe this is by design for SCVMM instances/servers.

As understood this is not by design, its something on the morpheus - if you see in the above ticket, feature is not supported by Morpheus.

Sorry if that sounded confusing. I meant this is by design for SCVMM instances/servers within Morpheus. Feel free to create an idea for the same.

Yes this is the idea i created for the same. Its not supported now and its needs to be there.

Just an FYI: Ideas need to be created here Ideas - Morpheus


oh okay, so where i created its a wrong place ? sure, let me move it.

Moved it to IDEA. Thank you.