Provision EC2 stuck at Provision : finalizing

I tried to provision an EC2 on Morpheus but my EC2 is stuck here for several minutes and doesn’t seem to go anywhere
Your help is appreciated

Are you installing the Morpheus agent during provisioning? If the Morpheus agent is not able to communicate back to the Morpheus appliance then this can cause instances to get stuck in the finalise stage. Make sure that your VM can reach the appliance URL on 443.

Dear Pete,
Thank you for your answer. It seemed like my instance is up and running now on Morpheus. However, I wonder why it took so long to provision on Morpheus while I check on my AWS console, my instances have been running for awhile already

I can see from your screen shot you have selected the EC2 instance type.
When you were provisioning the instance in Morpheus, what did you select for Image Type and Image?
Also what region is your AWS cloud in? I’ll try and replicate this in my lab.

I deployed my EC2 in Sydney region with t2.micro and AMI id of ami-07620139298af599e (Public Image). I hope this help

Test in my lab was successful. The AMI provisions and the Morpheus agent installs. Provisioning time takes 2min. I suspect you may have an agent communication issue back to the Morpheus appliance. You can confirm this by doing the following:

  1. Log in to the VM you have provisioning
  2. Install the nc command
    yum install nc
  3. Use the nc command to check you can connect to the appliance on port 443. Replace APPLIANCE with the appliance IP or name (whatever your applaince url uses)
    nc -vz APPLIANCE 443
  4. You can also try provisioning the VM again and selecting not to install the agent. You can do this under Advanced Options on the configure page of the create instance wizard. With agent install turned off, time how long the provision takes.

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