Policies Per Group Per Cloud

Our Service Now integration team, has a GUI in Service Now that allows customers to come into their portal, and “reserve resources”. The way we have this set up, is that the customer will come in and select the Group (Business Group we call it), then make reservations (reservation request is a better way to put it maybe) of CPU, Memory and Disk on a per-Cloud basis. We then plan to, after an approval, make an API call to Morpheus, to reserve these resources, on a per-group per-cloud basis. But Morpheus only seems to have Cloud policies, and Group policies. Is there a way, or can there be a way, to reserve resources for groups on a per-cloud basis?

Hi @Wittling_Mark_CCI-At

Since Group is a collection of clouds, policies for Max Cores/Memory/Storage/VM’s will be applied on the consumption rather than individual cloud consumption.

Cloud policies (Max Cores/Memory/Storage) can be used for capacity management and group policies for restriction on consumption of the total available resources from all clouds in the group.

It would be a good idea to have the policy which can be applied on a cloud in a group. I will move this topic to Ideas.