Per-Cloud Per-Group Policies

Per-Cloud Per-Group Policies

Currently you can create a cloud policy OR a group policy (mutual exclusive). I actually need to change this “OR” to an “AND”. We have some folks who are telling us they need certain amounts of storage, ram and cpu in specific vCenter data centers - they call these “Reservations”. I would like to be able to police this and hold them to what they are telling us they need.

Without cloud-group policy capability we might have someone come in and inadvertently deploy into the wrong data center (vCenter cluster), knocking it over. Or, they may just change their mind about where they want to deploy (on the fly), and wreak havoc with our capacity management and planning.

Example/Use case(s):
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I would love to see and/or on the policies. It’s been a part of my internal asks so good to see others are wanting this too (helps with getting things prioritized :slight_smile: )


I am told this is available or coming. Do you know what release?