Policies - Allow the maximum number of instances and its related inputs as a policy type

Add the maximum number of instances as a type when defining policies and also allow the related inputs to controlled through policies.

Morpheus has not available all the uses cases we can achieve within a cloud and to overcome that limitation we can do it sometimes using a terraform based instance. When using the terraform based instances to deploy another resources than virtual machines, we lost the capability to apply policies to managed provisioning limits. Currently the max vms type is most similar feature we have, but is not useful for deployment not related with virtual machines. Besides that, when talking about about max number of cpu/ram/storage we lost those features since we use a terraform instance. So policies over the instance’s inputs would be also useful.

Example/Use case(s):

  • Limit the amount of load balancer instances (terraform based) we can deploy
  • Limit the amount of network segments instances (terraform based) we can deploy
  • Limit the amount of cpus for a vm instance (terraform based) we can deploy