✅ Option List Validation for Numbers

Input/Option Type Validation for Numbers
Option List validation is already available for text with Regex. This should be expanded to numbers, so that the input may be checked for too low or too high values or ranges of values. Text fields with numbers are not the same like number fields itself, hence we need a new validation within the Option List.

Inputs of numbers need to be validated during user interaction. The user is then guided by the result of the validation.

Example/Use case(s):
Inputs from users during provisioning workflows or elsewhere (catalog items, instance types…) should be checked directly:

  • a harddisk drive should not be smaller than 5 GB and not larger than 2048 GB
  • a telephone extension number must always be three numbers long

You can certainly use this for text field and limit to only number inputs
eg: restricting here to pass numbers between 10 to 100 on a text input


Hi Anish,
You are correct and we are already put numbers in the text fields. For standardization reasons and to keep things divided, we would like to see those nice Regex rules also within the number fields. Otherwise an idea would be to get rid off number fields, wouldn´t it?

Hi @kai.nunnemann

With 6.1 we are introducing a form builder. Validation will be available across different Input types beyond text.

Hi Chris,

Then Anish helped for now, and you in the near future. Thank you both.