Number of copies of VMs provisioned in VMware

hi guys, I am implementing different catalogs in Morpheus to simplify the use of it for the operations team, and now I am facing some problems to configure a catalog to provision VMware VMs. Normally, when starting the provisioning of a VMs from Provision → Instances → ADD +, at the end of the wizard you have the option to add multiple copies

now, when I created an instance type and the layout, and then created the catalog item by running the configuration wizard, this option is not appearing. I made a research and could found that the variable to add multiple copies should be “input”: {“copies”: int} (Variables — Morpheus Docs documentation) but it does not work for me either. I would like to know, if someone of you have faced this issue before, and if you have any idea of how to add this variable in the catalog configuration correctly. Thanks in advance


The copies feature is not supported for service catalog. It was removed in an old version. We have introduced a new feature “Allow Quantity” checkbox on the instance type service catalog which should resolve your issue.

Hi @BorisAyala this was added back into the product with release 6.0.1. The release notes are here:

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There should be a flag on the catalog edit to “Allow Quantity”

Thanks for the clarification! I was going to ask exactly about it, what version has the option mentioned above since I cannot see it in my environment (running version 5.4.14 currently). it seems that I need to upgrade :smile: thanks for the support guys!