Multinode VM provisioning

Our requirements is to get the input from the user on how many VMs to provision along with other requirements using a catalog.
For example, if the user is asking for 6 nodes
Then 6 VMs should be provisioned and a workflow should be triggered on the 6th VM( the lastly provisioned VM). The workflow’s input may contain all the names of the VM provisioned when ordered
We tried to create blueprint but we were unable to create dynamically
Is there any way to create a catalog for the above mentioned purpose?

This is not how Morpheus orchestration functions. Morpheus would run the automation on all nodes, and your logic would have to account for which node(s) would have tasks to execute.

That said, you can already request copies (unique instances) and scale (number of VMs in an instance). You would be required to utilize a naming scheme to appropriately name these with a sequence.