IPv6 in new version lacking some core functionality

With new Morpheus version there is new functionality to use “new” IPv6 technology.
But sadly it lacs some simple core things:

  1. No integration for any IPAM tools (only morpheus local one)
  2. But the main missing piece is that during provisioning there is no option to manage IPv6 manually (IPv6 Override). So basically you are limited to whatever Morpheus decides to assign. This causes issues as there are already clients that use IPv6 and already have set lot of VM’s with IPv6 manually. So now if they try to provision they might come to IPv6 conflicts. Exporting and importing in Morpheus also not viable solution as it is already being tracked in other IPAM tool.

These are key elements that makes this new feature hardly usable.
IPv6 feature was requested 2 years ago, but what was released is still far away from normal usability.


Hi @sepetuks

So on item 1, we do integrate with 3rd party IPAM for IPv6. You must present Morpheus with the IPv6 pools to allocate to the networks.

For item 2, the while we do not allow manual entry of your IPv6 based on ICANN recommendations you can still mark the items as reserved / used in your IPAM solution and they will not be allocated. Suggesting Morpheus pools may use a duplicate runs the same risk as allowing an end user to define manually an IPv6 address.

For Option 1. Do you have integration for IPv6 with phpIPAM? I do not see any IPv6 pool from our existing integration.
For Option 2. Adding reservations manually is additional duplicating efforts. This could be mitigated at least by allowing manually specifying IPv6 address (same how it can be done for IPv6)

Ah, I was mistaken specific to phpIPAM plugin, which has not been updated yet to support IPv6. Bluecat and Infoblox has, however.

As for both phpIPAM support and manual entry, I would recommend making both of those an idea and formally voting on them to suggest functionality. That said, if you need IPv6 manual entry, you could add a form field to your instance types and configure a post task in the short term.

Though, with the option 2 ask, once IPv6 support for phpIPAM is added there would be no duplicate effort. You would have to make sure any currently consumed IPs are reserved, but the plugin/integration would handle requesting next available. So still no need to manually enter or manually reserve.