Nested Workflows - Allow Defining Inputs

When executing a nested workflow, it would be nice to be able to define inputs for the workflow.

For example, having a workflow to delete a server from monitoring. The server name would be the input. When setting up the nested workflow task, I could map a instance variable/property to each input.

If I’m following, is the ask/issue:

  • The nested workflow has a var in a script like <>
  • The nested workflow is added to a workflow master workflow
  • When you run master workflow with context set to instance and select the instance, the nested workflow cannot interpret that variable?

I could to that, but that makes the workflow I’m calling need to be specific to using <>.

I’d like to have a totally generic workflow that takes a text box input, so a user can just run it against whatever they want. I’d like to be able to use that same workflow in my teardown stage though and map `<>’ to it in that situation.