Attach input to an provisional workflow

I see that we can attach inputs to an operational workflow but i don’t find an option to attach input to a provisional workflow ?
How to achieve this ?

A provisioning workflow is attached to the layout of an instance. So to use your inputs in a provisioing workflow, you would attach the inputs to the layout or instance type. If you edit either of these you will see an inputs section where you can add inputs.

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Another method is utilizing the self service catalog and attaching inputs to that. You can map these underneath the customOptions: {} block in the json. These will both attach to the instance and passthrough to your provisioning workflows.

If follow this approach then i am not getting a form to enter the inputs while submitting catalog, Looks like i have to hard code all the value before provisioning , our expectation is , we want to pass some of the inputs by an end-user while submitting catalog

I can use customoptions in the json for only instance name but i am not seeing anything for the workflow

Let me explain my requirement briefly, I want to provision ec2 instance and provisional workflow on same catalog , both ec2 instance task and provisional workflow has many inputs which i want to populate while submitting catalog so that an end-user gets an option to fill the required inputs

See if this quick video helps on what I mean for mapping the customOptions to a catalog:

Note: If your instance type already has the inputs attached by default, it would’ve prompted me while creating the configuration for those inputs and I would’ve already had a customOptions: {} block. In this example I used a generic Instance Type with no currently attached inputs so I had to manually create a customOptions: {}

i have already done input mapping for instance type and tested it but i want to put both instance type and provisional workflow in same catalog and both has inputs but catalog provision only shows ec2 instance inputs not provisional workflow input

Right. Provisioning workflows don’t have the concept of attached inputs. They inherit the customOptions attached to an instance or server. If the provisioning workflow needs inputs, add them to that customOptions block on the instance as well. Then your workflow will be able to pull that data from the instance.

I added the inputs under InstanceType


Added 2 layouts in the same instance type . 1st type is EC2 provision and 2nd type is provisional workflow


EC2 instance layout has one input


Provisional workflow layout has


After this I created catalog , I can only see ec2 configuration in the configuration screen to add json entry but I don’t see anything to add for provisional workflow

Instance Type:

Layout Type:

Within Layout, set the provisioning workflow you want:


When deploying a server, select the workflow you want (Ad-hoc):

That is how you associate a Provisioning Workflow with an Instance.

I understood how to attach a workflow but How do you map input for same workflow ?

Sorry , There were lot of Confusion , I sorted out now …Thank you