Multiple Tags for VMware VMs - Veeam Backup use case

Hi Team

Use Case - Allow Veeam to take backup of VMware VM using multiple tags (1 VM can be in different backup jobs)

Is it possible to put multiple tags on VMs however would like to present a dropdown list to users to avoid any typo mistake. If I try to use custom input option, it does not allow multiple selection and tags option provided by default in forms does not have a dropdown list option. Even if we use manual dataset, it does not pickup all the tags added.

Try the Typeahead field. It can be linked to an Option list and has the option to select multiple, though I have not used/tested this myself


Also while working on forms myself, just noticed that select list allows multiple selection. So it would seem just need to maintain list of tags as an option list and either select or typeahead would ensure only valid tags are used