Multi select list

To build AWS Load Balancer via Catalog item, I need to select at least two subnets. how can I make it multi select list?

Hello @Ripon_Banik!

I’d recommend using the typeahead input and enable the Allow Multiple Selections setting.

For example:

More info:

Hope that helps!

Thanks @kgawronski I tried but does not provide it as comma separated e.g. Ubuntu1, Ubutu2. How to make it comma separated as it is needed as input to cloudformation?

Hi @Ripon_Banik,

If you are using the Morpheus variables in your CloudFormation Catalog Item, then I would expect the following example to work, or at least lead you to your resolution. Be sure to use your input name, instead of mine:

"<%= customOptions.testmultiitems.join(',') %>"

Inside of the variable tags, you can perform Groovy actions, such as join(). In this case, I have a multi-select that provides an array:

[ub1, ub2, ub3]

When I use the join() function, I get the following:


Thanks, I could resolve it that way as well.