Tags as option list

Is it possible to create an option list to get the details of particular tag values as options using Morpheus → Option list → REST.

Is this an ask to get all tag values within a tenant, and then present this as a drop down during provisioning for future machines to consume the same existing values? If so, what if that tag value does not currently exist? How should / would that situation be handled?

Not all tags, lets say i have tag name called application. I just want the values of the Application tags.

This can be handled via a REST api call to instances. You should be able to do a translation script to grab only the unique values to the key of application. However, if you are a multi-tenant environment this may not work because the REST auth is only to the tenant you define as the bearer.

its not multi tenant… in the translation script will data.result.instances.tags will be help me to get the tags value details

Based on @cbunge response I created the following translation script that loads unique values for ‘Application’ tag in the options list:

for(var x=0;x < data.instances.length; x++) { //Loop through instances
    for(var t=0;t < data.instances[x].tags.length; t++)//Loop through instance tags
        //only add unique 'Applications' tag value to the options list
        let found = results.some(ele => ele.name === data.instances[x].tags[t].value);
        if (data.instances[x].tags[t].name=='Application' && !found)