Morpheus UI Not loading : HTTP status 404 not found

Hi Team

We have a 3-Node HA installation on AWS lab set up. There is no Load balancer setup as of now so Morpheus UI is being accessed via each appliance URL. In order to encrypt the passwords in secrets.json & .rb file, we followed below instructions on each node.

After restarting one of the nodes, appliance URL is not accessible on that specific node and gives error “HTTP status 404 not found”. Elasticsearch is showing 3 nodes cluster and RabbitMQ is also showing all 3 nodes but morpheus ui is not accessible. Is there anything , i am missing here.

Attached are screenshot for secrets & rb json.

Hello @ranujain

Thanks for sharing screenshots of your configuration. The morpheus-ui log will catchup the start up error.

The log is located in ‘/var/log/morpheus/morpheus-ui/current’ there maybe a bad password.

Additionally please can you confirm the follow ?

The version of your Morpheus Appliance.

The application.yml has been updated with your secure strings? by running sudo head /opt/morpheus/conf/application.yml

Can you also confirm that you are able to decrypt your secure strings by running

/opt/morpheus/lib/morpheus/encryptCli.jar decrypt 'ENC($replaceme)'


@ranujain beyond confirming your encrypted strings as Adam suggested, this is probably best handled via support at

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Hi @alipscombe

I can see the mysql password in “/opt/morpheus/conf/application.yml”.

No bad password entry in current logs.

When run below command (as root), it says permission denied.

/opt/morpheus/lib/morpheus/encryptCli.jar ![sec03|690x77](upload://jg9QBn2Vf8ISZTTLN0kV1Tfiw7W.png) decrypt 'ENC($replaceme)'

In morheus-ssl-access.log, it shows connection refused.

2022-11-28_16:56:04.62933 2022/11/28 16:56:04 [error] 76293#0: *1891 connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream, client: X.X.X.X, server: X.X.X.X, request: “GET /.env HTTP/1.1”, upstream: “http://[::1]:8080/.env”, host: “X.X.X.X”

Hello @ranujain

Please can you raise a case with our support team and provide them the Morpheus-UI current file which is located in /var/log/morpheus/morpheus-ui/

The morpheus-ssl-access.log file is the NGINX log file. The error is someone attempting to connect to an endpoint that does not exist on the Morpheus Appliance.

Hello @ranujain

Just to circle back to this thread, I noticed that there is a typo within your morpheus.rb should be app['encryption_key_suffix'] = 'key' not app['encrypted_key_suffix'] = 'suffix' I have asked our documentation team to update our documentation as the typo is within our docs.


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Reposing very late on this but I am applying the encryption currently, I ran the command from root user

“/opt/morpheus/lib/morpheus/encryptCli.jar decrypt ‘ENC($replaceme)’” but it says permission denied.