Morpheus DB Encrypted Password Update


I have 3 Node HA environment with Amazon Aurora as external Database. Applied DB encryption for the database but now if I have to update the Morpheus DB password, what steps to be taken and also if I want to decrypt the password then how can we do it.

I tired running “/opt/morpheus/lib/morpheus/encryptCli.jar decrypt ‘ENC($replaceme)’” but it says permission denied.

Hello @ranujain

It’s a best practice to store the non-encrypted strings and the suffix within a secure store such as a password manager.

The permission denied error message is appearing because java is not within the default path of the account you are attempting to decrypt the enc string.

If you are unable to find your DB password within your password manager then I would recommend that you raise a support case with the Morpheus support team.


I do have the non-encrypted password but if we want to change the password for database then how do we do it for encrypted password because the password will be in encrypted form.

Hello @ranujain

It would be best if you didn’t use encryptCli.jar directly but rather the documented procedure at Data Encryption — Morpheus Docs documentation to get the encrypted version of your MySQL password.

Note: Use the suffix defined previously in your morpheus.rb file.

Greg Willis

@greg Thank you for the info. It is working now.

@cbunge : Hi Chris, Any suggestion for below ?
I do have one more query, we want to rotate the passwords for RabbitMQ & ElasticSearch cluster as well. I was able to rotate the password for rabbimq by accessing the UI using “http://localhost:15672” but How can I access the ElasticSearch cluster in order to update the password ?