Morpheus platform deployment with MySQL 8.0

Hi Team,

As per the latest morpheus version, we see that mysql 8.0 is supported. As for earlier morpheus versions, we were installing Percona 5.7 (mysql 5.7 compatible) but for Percona 8.0, I am facing some issues.

Need to check - Is Percona 8 supported with the latest versions ? And if it is not directly supported then which compatible (Mysql 8.0) databases can be used with Morpheus. Also as we used Percona 5.7 database for earlier versions then how do we migrate the existing DB to newer supported database in case of environment upgrade.


Hi @ranujain,

MySQL 8 database has been supported since I believe 6.0.0.

Any MySQL 8 clustering method (Percona included) can be utilized by the end user. We only care about the application connecting to a MySQL 5.7 or 8 database. The cluster itself is outside of standard Morpheus support with a few caveats if we have done the installation.

Our services happen to install Percona as our preferred method for clustering and replication and currently utilize 8.0.32 MySQL builds with no issue.

You can take a look at this git for some additional insight as well as Percona’s documentation for guides on installing Percona XtraDB for MySQL 8.

Hi @cbunge ,

The documentation for Morpheus V6.2.1 still does not show Percona XtraDB 8.x and only 5.7 WSREP31 as supported. I have heard somewhere, that you are still discussing internally to get the V8.x into the support matrix and that this might happen within the next couple of releases. Until now, it is not supported in general.

Do you say it is already supported to run a Perconca XtraDB 8.x with Morpheus Data V6.2.1 - or only with permission from Morpheus Support? Why does the documentation not show this then? Or, do you differentiate between MySQL and Percona in your answer, like running MySQL 8.x with Percona 5.7?

We are about to implement new installations and would like to go with the newer version of Percona XtraDB. But the documentation does not show that as possible…


Hi @kai.nunnemann ,

I’ve asked our documentation team to remove the Percona line from our support matrix. Morpheus does not directly support Percona. We validate against MySQL, and Percona happens to be the primary product we utilize for HA deployments, but is not a requirement.

That said, Morpheus fully supports MySQL 8 since 6.0.0 or 6.0.1 I forget which. In the next release or so we will also be embedding MySQL 8 as the defacto DB.

Hi @cbunge ,

Thank you for clarification and guidance. With this we can move forward with the running Percona XtraDB 5.7 clusters and do updates, also we know about the upcoming new installations now. And yes, the documentation is misleading in this context and can get better …

Thank you,