Morpheus 3 Node HA upgrade from v. to 6.2.2

Hello Team, We have a Morpheus production appliance with
3 Node HA running on RHEL8
External 3 node Percona XtraDB cluster
Current version: Version

We are planning to upgrade the appliance from to the latest LTS version 6.2.2. I would like to ensure 6.2.2 version is a stable one and are there any known issues that we should we aware of. Also we are current running on i.e. with a WAR deployment(a fix for one of the Morpheus nightly jobs for cost) and do we need to follow any specific upgrade instructions other than the one highlighted in

Ours is a sensitive environment that cannot afford downtime as all the mission critical application VM and DB provisioning are automated through Morpheus. Hence wanted to take a well prepared risk free approach for this upgrade.

Appreciate your guidance/insights in this regard.

Thanks a lot.