Does Morpheus support PostgreSQL for Transactional Database Tier Deployment

Hi experts,

I would like to know if Morpheus can use PostgreSQL for Transactional Database Tier for installation (although I see the document says it supports mySQL-compliant database? And what mechanism do App nodes use to check if a Percona node has failed (for example: App nodes execute a query on a host running MySQL in an interval time like Checks features )?

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Morpheus currently only supports MySQL 5.7 and 8.x for the Transactional Database Tier.

Morpheus itself does not monitor the health of the Percona layer of a clustered database. Morpheus returns MySQL level health information in the Administration>Health page of the UI.

Hi @ncelebic

I deployed Morpheus with Distributed PerconaDB for Transactional Database Tier and failover is used in this configuration. So how Morpheus App node know when a database node is healthy/fails? What kind of mechanism does it use to determine that if I follow the Morpheus document installation guide.

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Morpheus is using a standard jdbc string (found in /opt/morpheus/conf/application.yml) with configuration for connecting to the db. You’d see connectivity errors in your logs if a node failed.

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That is exactly what I need, thank you so much @cbunge :grin: