Morpheus maeketplace Image Root password

Hi Team,

We are able to provision the Morpheus marketplace images post that we are only able to access the machine using our current username and credential. will it be possible to get the root credentials for those images?

AzureAdmin is the user with the password being utilized from Administration > Settings > Windows Administrator Password or the Cloud-Init user settings depending on OS. That should allow access into the systems.

@cbunge - May I know the password for linux based images? Is there anyway we can able to update the root password.

The user that is created under Administration > Settings > Cloud-Init user has permission to change the root password.

You could make a task to set the root password automatically or create your own custom images to use within Morpheus.

I already updated cloud-init linux setting username as root and given the password. Post provision the vm I am not able to login with the root user.

If we provide the username and password in cloud-init setting its creating the user on the instance but we are not sure where we can able to update root password without using the task.