Misleading Ui Default Cloud Settings - Default Folder for (Sub-)Tenant

Cloud Integration Configuration Details
If you select the default folder in a multi-tenant scenario under ressources, then this only applies to the master tenant. This means that the subtenant must be selected separately as default in the folder settings. This can lead to confusion

Regarding the configuration setting under the Resource tab in a cloud, the Default setting option can lead to confusion (see screenshot). It is not immediately clear whether the upper configuration applies to the “Master Tenant” / “Current Tenant” / “Overall” - while the lower configurations (tenant permissions) are well described by the heading and the selection of the tenant Selecting the default setting, you might think that you have already made the selection for all tenants with the above check mark. This leads to confusion and possibly incorrect deployments in other tenants. Is there a way to make the UI design more obvious and clearer?

Possible solution suggestion: If the checkbox is set at Default at the top, the checkbox under Tenant Permissions is at least automatically set for the master tenant. This makes it clear what effects the configuration has.