✅ Manual IP address assignment for kubernetes nodes

Morpheus can provision kubernetes clusters in vsphere and vcloud director clouds but does not offer the option to manually set ip addresses of the nodes.
In some environment it is important not to use dhcp but to assign ip address manually to the nodes of the clusters.

IP Pools associated with the networks will in fact set static IP addresses.

Standard Instance provisioning only supports setting a manually defined IP on 1 node deployments.

Do you currently utilize an IPAM or Morpheus IP Pools?

Yes, IP pools do that. But in some environment it is important to give IP manually. For example, if I have to configure an external load balancer for the master nodes I have to know the IP addresses of the master nodes to create the load balancer virtual server, and then I can create the cluster using the virtual (HA) IP address as the cluster endpoint.

This is being worked on but morpheus will handle the VIP registration on the load balancer so you dont have to manually preconfigure these ips

When will this new feature be available?
Do you have a time estimate?

7.0.3 will support this for a few initial Load balancers (F5, and amazon ELB). Netscalar, NSX LBs will be fast followers