Morpheus IP Management mechanism

Hello Expert,

I would like to understand Morpheus IP management mechanism.

I tried to use workflow calling Morpheus rest api to manage IP assignment. but I couldn’t find any rest api can get IP Pool detail including which IP is assigned and which IP is available.
But I understood the IP assignment could be managed thru the network when IP Pool is added to network.

May I understand how it is working thru network?

Thank you.

Morpheus IPAM is the same as any of the IPAM we integrate with. We attach the pool to the network within the UI, and Morpheus will make an API call for “next available IP”.

I can update the API docs as this seems to be missing (or I’m not finding it at the moment), but if you want to manually make the API call it’s:

$morphURL + 'api/networks/pools/' + $pool + '/ips'


    "networkPoolIp": {
        "hostname": $hostname