Make new features available in the API before it goes to the UI, when possible

It would be nice to have features released faster as API functions/endpoints/options before it goes to the UI. The roadmap is always full of requests and prioritizing it is always painful.
Some of these requests could be made available in the API and our partner network and customers could make use of OptionTypes/Inputs, Tasks, UI tabs and custom reports to make it useful.

Maybe have a diff feature request workflow like a decision point where it is feasible make it available in the API/database quicker then plan for adding it to the UI.


  • Make changes to a disk performance tier in Azure using Workflows
  • Make changes to disk types using worklfows
  • Creating WAF rules or making custom changes to NICs using tasks
  • Swap disks using workflows
  • Several Cloud features that could accelerate OCI, GCP and other clouds parity to AWS/Vmware