Export / import functionality for Tasks, Workflows, Blueprints etc. through UI


Ability to export / import Tasks / Workflows / Blueprints etc. through UI :

Would be great to have the possibility to export and import Tasks, Workflows etc. through the UI.

Example/Use case(s):
To be more flexible when it comes to use a test and production Morpheus Instance, would be smart to have a possibility to export Task, Workflows, Blueprints etc. from a test instance and import it into production instance. Would be a smart way to use existing Tasks, WF, BP etc. on different Morpheus Instances in an easy way. In best case, it would track dependencies and export everything it needs for a given WF (for example Tasks, Intputs, Option Lists, etc.). Its clear, that is would need some finetuning on target instance (ID’s ect.) but should import the hole construct and needed elements at least.
It would also allow to build some kind of library and maybe even make it available in a marketplace.

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This is in the roadmap where it can be exported as a package (.mpkg) and uploaded to an appliance via Administration > Integration > Packages

This sounds very good, I can’t wait.