Looking guidances for triggering multiple automation tasks based on user inputs Yes/No in service catalog


The service catalog will display Yes/No for user inputs such as Enable Security Agent Install, Enable Backup, and so on.
I’m just thinking about creating a master workflow in the service catalog that will call back to other automation activities via the Morpheus API.
or do you have a better idea based on your own experiences with such use cases?

I think, I might need to use conditional automation task type. Do we have any demo, recording or tutorial?

Appreciate for your guidances.


Personally I would go with Ansible playbook(s) and/or build the tasks in a way they can all be placed in a single workflow but you can defiantly take a look at conditional workflows and see if it fits your needs.

Here is a example to get you started.

if (customOptions.installMySQL == "yes") {
} else if (customOptions.installMySQL == "no") {

If you go this route I would make sure you map this out ahead of time because it can become a lot to keep track of when you have more than a couple conditionals. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your guidance. I will explore both.