Locate All Storage Volumes for a Specific Instance

Is there a way to locate all storage volumes for a specific host? I found the API for https://apidocs.morpheusdata.com/reference/liststoragevolumes, but I can’t figure out how it is associated to a specific instance.

Alternatively, if there’s a way to determine free space on a volume based on the API, that would be sufficient. I only found maxStorage in the response from the above request.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Hi there!

You can get all the volumes for an instance on the api/instances/${id} endpoint. The information returned for each volume in this response, is not as complete as the api/storage-volumes endpoint response but includes the id of each volume so you can look up additional information using api/storage-volumes should you need it!

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Yes! Thank you so much! That should be exactly what I needed to bridge the gap!