Instance Lease extension approval notification

Hello Team,

We have shutdown policy in place in our Morpheus appliance, if any user try to extend VM lease or shutdown date, we need to go and check every time in approvals & approve the extensions. Is there any way we get notified over mail when there is any approval pending request ? any scripts or Automation piece would be helpful please.


I found this idea asking for this feature. Email notifications for the approval requests (Dont forget to vote for it if you like the idea)

Otherwise, you might be able to achieve this through a job/task.

Thanks, but its not clear how to achieve this through Job/Task. ? I think need to have some script to run this as a job ?

There are a couple of ways to do this. You would need to create a task that finds if there are any approvals and then send out an email. Depending on how you want this to work you could create a workflow that has a Python task and email task or a single task that then calls to have an email task run if it finds approvals waiting.

You would then create a job to run this on a schedule.

If you need more hands-on assistance, I would suggest working with your Account Manager or creating a Technical Request if your team has tokens (service hours) available.