Instance detail error


After I upgraded to 5.3.3, I am getting the error when I check instance details. (click on instance name). It affected all instances. API is working well. can call instance details API, and show output.

This is current log output when I click on instance name.

2022-12-30_08:20:59.37291 '[2022-12-30 08:20:59,372] [http-nio-] ERROR o.g.w.e.GrailsExceptionResolver - IllegalArgumentException occurred when processing request: [GET] /provisioning/instances/997
2022-12-30_08:20:59.37293 Text must not be null or empty. Stacktrace follows:
2022-12-30_08:20:59.37294 'java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Text must not be null or empty
2022-12-30_08:20:59.37294 at groovy.json.JsonSlurper.parseText(
2022-12-30_08:20:59.37295 at
2022-12-30_08:20:59.37298 at com.morpheus.InstancesController$__tt__show_closure117$_closure226.doCall(InstancesController.groovy:388)
2022-12-30_08:20:59.37300 at org.grails.plugins.web.api.MimeTypesApiSupport.getResponseForFormat(MimeTypesApiSupport.groovy:142)
2022-12-30_08:20:59.37308 at org.grails.plugins.web.api.MimeTypesApiSupport.resolveAllFormat(MimeTypesApiSupport.groovy:103)
2022-12-30_08:20:59.37311 at org.grails.plugins.web.api.MimeTypesApiSupport.withFormatInternal(MimeTypesApiSupport.groovy:52)

This is web GUI error when I click on instance name.

Any suggestion please?

Thank you,

Hi @aungkyawthu,

The line that caught my eye initially is this:

Check to see if you have the latest DataDog plugin at our Morpheus Exchange, assuming you are using it.

Additionally, you can review the configuration of the plugin from Administration > Integrations > Plugins

If you are not using the plugin, I’d recommend disabling or removing in the same location mentioned above.

If you continue to have the error, submitting a support ticket is the best route to have this resolved. Our support team and process will be better equipped to assist. That said, if the plugin is 3rd party provided, the support may be limited. We do not provide support to fix plugins at this time.

Hello @kgawronski … It is working now after I removed the DataDog plugin.
Thank you so much for your support. :+1: