Invalid plugin error when adding a PluginController is added to tab plugin


I am developing a instance plugin right now and for a reverse callback I am trying to add a PluginController class to add http routes.
As soon as I add this controller to the plugin uploading the plugin shows a ‘invalid plugin’.

Anybody has a clue what could cause this?



This sounds like your baselining your plugin on an older plugin api version. What version of morpheus-plugin-api are you using as well as what version of morpheus are you applying the plugin to?

I am using com.morpheusdata:morpheus-plugin-api:0.12.0.

Also need to know what version of morpheus you are trying to load the plugin into

My morpheus version V. 5.4.2

Ok so can you provide the exact error and the morpheus logs from when its loaded. it should show an exception that will tell us whats going on. a lot has changed since 5.4.2 due to some major grails updates and security updates for java 11

Solved the issue. Apparently not all methods you need to implement in the controller are documented.