*resolved* Question around API permissions and 'removeTags'


I’m working up a Python script to either Add or Remove a specific tag based on which catalog item is selected, but I’m hitting an issue in Morpheus 5.4.5. I’m using https://apidocs.morpheusdata.com/#updating-an-instance as a guide

I can read in the instance JSON info from requests and pull out the bits of existing info I need/want , and adding a new tag is working fine.

The issue is, when I’m PUTing JSON of:

data = { ‘Instance’: { ‘removeTags’: [{ ‘name’: ‘name of tag’ }]}}

I’m receiving an
{‘error’: ‘unauthorized’, ‘error_description’: ‘Full authentication is required to access this resource’}

The parts of the script prior to work fine (I can get the instanceId from the API querying via name, I can read the currently existing tags from the instance, etc so I know the Auth Bearer token is valid and the account to pull that is an admin level).

Any suggestion on the cause and a fix/work around?


Sigh this was a case of looking over what you had several times and not catching the smallest typo until after you create a post looking for a hint.

The full authorization error has been resolved.

I literally just had the same thing effect me and couldn’t see the error without asking someone else :sweat_smile: