Instance Console non-functional with keypair - won't accept passphrase

I’m having an issue in 6.3.3 where I cannot get into an instance console if I have a keypair set for my user ‘Linux Settings’. Whether or not the keypair even has a passphrase set, the console asks for a keypair passphrase. And when one is set, it won’t accept it. I’m able to ssh into the instance with the keypair using the passphrase that was set, but it refuses to accept the passphrase in the console.

This is effectively rendering the console completely useless as long as the user has a keypair set for their linux settings.

Is anyone else seeing this or am I missing a setting somewhere that is causing this?

Question. Are you checking the box to ‘create local user’ when deploying? This action is the only way your user/pass/kp get copied to the system. Otherwise, this most likely is referencing the cloud-init configuration in Administration > Settings and seeing a mismatch of KP + User. This then leads to linux prompting for a passphrase that still won’t match to your user.

Yes I am checking the ‘create local user’. If I don’t have a keypair set for my user’s linux settings, the console pops right up to the login prompt and lets me log in with my linux user/pwd. If I have a keypair set, it asks for the keypair passphrase and never accepts it so I never get to an actual console os login.

the cloudinit settings have a separate user/pass set, and no keypair set.

I’m seeing the same thing. I recommend opening a support case if you haven’t already. You can reference this post.