How to take Console of Ec2

I want to take a console of provisioned ec2 instance from morpheus but it keeps on asking me credential , if i enter ec2-user but still its asking
1.How to get keypair for provisioned ec2 instance ?
2.i want to create an instance with already created keypair , is it possible?

Define the credentials for cloud-init under administration → settings → provisioning. There you can set windows creds for new deployments and cloud init cred with an optional key. The key has to be defined under I believe infrastructure → trust

You can also define credentials and or key under your user profile and choose create use when provisioning to have that created.

Thanks, Worked

I added credential in the administration -->settings–>provisioning → cloudinit settings

Credential is working for some provisioned instances but not working for some provisoned instances

That will only work for net new. You may also have to set the Windows Administrator cred if you are working on Windows machines as well. In Morpheus if you go to Instance → VM → Edit, you should see the credential getting applied to the VM.

I provisioned 2 different instances , one instance accepts the credential which i added in the administration -->settings–>provisioning → cloudinit settings
Another instance from different instance type(layout) didnot accept the same credential , i have same cloudinit settings for both