Incorrect node name (hypervisor) details when VM is provisioned into cloud with 2 hyper-v nodes

Hi, I have a cloud created using two hyper-v nodes (AZN1 & AZN2), When i deploy an instance to the AZN1 node it gets deployed to the correct node and VM can be seen using hyper-v manager however in morpheus that VM shows under AZN2 as a result we are unable to perform stop/start/delete on that VM from Morpheus. When we deploy the VM to AZN2 then morpheus shows VM is owned by host AZN2.

Observation : During the instance provision VM shows correct node details or correct node sees the VM in morpheus, However once VM reaches near completion thats when VM shows under AZN2.

Node added last to hyper-v cloud gets the ownership of VM in morpheus however hyper-v manager shows correct VM and host mapping. If i add AZN2 node first to hyper-v cloud and AZN1 after that and try deploy instance to AZN2 then morpheus shows VM is tied to AZN1 whereas hyper-v manager shows VM is residing in AZN2 ( node we selected during instance provisioning).

Any help/input is greatly appreciated.

Suresh Thakur

Hi @suresh.thakur ,

Assuming you adding the nodes individually to a Hyper-V type cloud in Morpheus, are these hosts actually a part of a Hyper-V cluster? Have you tried adding the cluster FQDN instead of the individual nodes?

Thank you for quick reply, Yes these nodes are part of a cluster. I haven’t yet tested with cluster FQDN

I assume using FQDN would require me to integrate that respective AD into morpheus ?

Hi @cbunge , I did try creating the cluster using its FQDN however morpheus is picking only 1 node ( In this case cluster FQDN (cluster ip) is the vip which is hosted on AZN1 node ). Then i add AZN2 ( Node2) manually as another hypervisor host in same cloud. Still same behavior is exhibited wherein all VM’s in Morpheus are showing hosted in node added at last ( In this case its AZN2). If i add AZN2 first and then AZN1 using cluster FQDN/IP , All VM’s in morpheus shows hosted on AZN1 ( added later ).

Hi @suresh.thakur ,

Testing I see the same behavior. I would recommend opening a support case to get a fix allocated to a release.

Feel free to include my images as well:

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Hi @cbunge , Thank you for the confirmation, I will raise support case with Morpheus.

Another observation: When i add two hyper-v nodes in same cluster and select the option to discover existing instances then morpheus at a given time shows discovered VM from 1 node only(Mostly it will be the node added at last, but morpheus does show VM’s from node added while creating the hyper-v cloud for few seconds and then will switch back to VM’s discovered from node added at last), It doesn’t show discovered VM’s on both servers simultaneously. Is this an expected behavior in hyper-v cloud ?

Thank you for your assistance !

No that is not intended and should be raised as well.