How to run a Morpheus task or workflow when any job/task fails without having to specifiy it in every job/task/workflow such as generating a ticket, logging, etc. in an external system

I would like to be able to have a task or workflow run automatically without having to code or specify it for every workflow if a task, job, or workflow fails. I know there an email is sent, but I want to be able to do far more than that.

What you are looking for is an event driven execution. We don’t have that as an internal feature but you can try - Dozer, Webhooks for Morpheus

That looks helpful. When will it be an internal feature? Seems like it be pretty useful and common, but a cumbersome especially when you are talking about an architecture that has many application servers as it appears this will have to be installed and managed on each server instead of at the Morpheus Application level.

I assume this works for a multi-tenant environment. What if you want to run a difference script for each tenant?