How to rename\re-IP RHEL servers?

How do we update the name and IP of a RHEL server during provisioning? Windows server instances are working but we cannot find Morpheus Documentation on how to do this with RHEL servers. We tried with Cloud-Init but cannot get the RHEL server to come up with new name and IP. What is the process for this?

Hi @mpopa is it rhel 7 or 8?

For 7 you can try Creating a CentOS 7 Morpheus Image — Morpheus Docs documentation

You can check /var/log/cloud-init.log for errors and see the user-data here: /var/lib/cloud/instance/user-data.txt. As @aabraham mentioned, there’s the docs for the CentOS 7 image and I put up an example for EL7 and EL8 here: morpheus-automation-examples/Packer at main · gomorpheus/morpheus-automation-examples · GitHub

Often times the correct check boxes are needed on the virtual image in Morpheus itself. But I’d check both anish and Nick’s recommendations too.