How to make storageType "gp3" default while creating instances from Provisioning --> Instances

For AWS cloud, while creating instances from Provisiong → Instacnes, is there any way we can make “gp3” is default,

Right now, we have select list that lists “gp2”, “gp3”, “io1” and “standard”. “gp2” display as a default, but some times users will not select gp3 even though it is available in the list, so we want “gp3” display as a default. I did checked in policies and we dont have any policy related to it right now, is there any way can make that list show “gp3” as a default?

Right now to override the initial seeded options, you’ll have to modify the the display_order in the database.

  1. Connect to the MySQL Database

  2. Run the following to return the original values and document these:

select id,code,display_order from storage_volume_type where code like 'amazon%'\G;
  1. Update the display order for gp3. 0 is the first entry listed / default.
update storage_volume_type set display_order = 0 where code = 'amazon-gp3';
  1. Be sure to change the display order of your current display_order 0 item (probably amazon-gp2) to a different value.

Awesome, Thank you so Much