How to create a catalog item from Cluster Layouts?

is there any way we can create a catlog item from Cluster Layouts?

You would need to utilize the API via a workflow catalog for the provisioning at this time.

are you saying we can use this API to crete a catalog item from Cluster layout?

Catalog items currently only support instances, blueprints, or operational workflows. The suggestion was to use an operational workflow that interacts with the following API ( to provision the Kubernetes cluster via a catalog item. The other option would be to use an XaaS instance based catalog item.

@mreed i am not able to add the cluster layout with Xaas time Intance type, without adding cluster layout how can we create a cluter? we are using Morpheus version 5.4.16

The automation would provision the Kubernetes cluster not create a cluster layout.

@mreed some reason it is not wrking for us, is there any documentation we can refer too? The Drop Box example in the DOcumentation is not working for K8’s cluster creation