How does selecting the 'Operating System' affect the user created virtual image

In the documentation it says about the field “operation system”:
“Specifies the platform and OS of the image. All Windows images will need to have the operating system specified on the Virtual Image, as Morpheus will ASSIGN Linux as the platform for all images without an operating system specified”

What are the effects of not selecting the correct ‘Operating system’ from the drop down field on the image?

During my tests, there was no impact when setting this value. So when I select for example “Ubuntu 20.04”, it does not install Ubuntu 20.04, instead the OS, which is defined in the Image, gets installed.

So we can trigger workflows against specific platforms (Linux/Windows/Mac). Really this is just declaring the platform, and then more or less informational to the users for reporting aspects.

So you would have no ill-effects saying something is Windows 2012 vs Windows 2019 besides the fact analytic views may not show proper counts for the OS type.

Does this field also affect the type of agent install script that gets executed during provisioning? i.e Bash or Powershell?

We do hardcode the platform on an instance at time of provisioning. This would control things like agent install script.

Good catch!