How can I delete stuck objects?

I have a customer that appears to have orphan objects, and needs help cleaning up some objects in the database. They are trying to clean up various items and getting errors like found a managed container on the instance, but they don’t have any configured.

yeah look like an old issue where the instance gets deleted but the vm and associated container record do not. The container record connects an instance to a vm (or vm's). deleting the vm, unchecking remove infrastructure, checking remove associated instances and force delete, might clean it up, but not sure in 5.3.3. If not would need to go into db and do delete from container where server_id = $idOfServerTryingToDelete then can delete the vm (still uncheck remove infra)

excellent, appreciate it! and basically info gathering, like reproducing the issue and pulling logs. They tried to delete stuff using the force delete but it didn’t work.