Remove Infrastructure Enabled By Default - Maybe not a great idea

If someone goes into Compute, and selects a server and clicks Delete, I am not sure it makes sense to make the default set to “Remove Infrastructure”. It’s kind of dangerous actually, because it could go and delete a very important (i.e. production) virtual machine off of vCenter, causing an outage or impacting service. I think it makes sense to leave everything unchecked, or perhaps just default check the associated instances. But not the “Infrastructure”.

Hi @Wittling_Mark_CCI-At !

VMs that have an instance / are managed within Morpheus default with the “Remove Infrastructure” check box. With VMs that are created by Morpheus the only method we allow for deleting is also the infrastructure since roughly 5.5.4. So defaulting to “Remove Associated Instances” would pretty much error in most situations.

If a machine is unmanaged, we default the checkbox to off.

That said, as a catch all we do enforce the “Type DELETE to confirm” which only appears once that box is checked and should be an added layer to any accidental deletion.