HELM Layout / Node-type

Hi All,

I’m trying to create a self-service catalog that allows end-users to spin up deployments in my kubernetes cluster. Ideally, I want to have HELM charts stored in a private GitLab repo that gets pulled and installed whenever someone orders it. Currently, I’m seeing three roadblocks to this…

1 - There is no layout or node type that supports HELM charts, ideally i want to just create instance type’s that link to layouts that use the HELM chart to deploy the nodes.

2 - Regardless of that, I seem to only be able to create app blueprints for HELM charts which do not tie to any specific instance and, when viewed after provisioning, they lack data like what port users can access the service on. Can i get them as instances instead of apps? I can’t find any HELM stuff in the instance/layout/node areas…

3 - It also seems to not support templating for options (maybe because this is an app and not an instance?), as the configuration json of the catalog item isn’t a json at all, it’s a YAML that doesn’t seem to accept the options i put in there (i.e. trying to give it a dynamic name)

I must be doing something terribly wrong but I’m at a loss for documentation on this subject (there’s a HELM page, but not much on what i’m looking for catalog-item-wise).

If it helps, this is some of the catalog config for my app… all the input / options don’t get templated and just end up as-is :frowning:

name: xxxx-<%= customOptions.mph_application_name %>-<%= customOptions.mph_tier %>
id: 1
code: ‘’
id: 12
name: core-k8s / web-apps
isSelected: false
environment: Test

Anyway… i’m very confused and probably over my head lol… any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi there @Krissi_Nyaa !

So I have good news and bad news for you.

Bad News

  • Currently, some of these gaps currently exist.

Good News

We are actually actively working on updating the Helm integration! Estimate release is 6.0.3 which is May.

  • There are objectives to allow custom values supplied against a templated helm chart
  • Helm Instance Types to hardcode the helm chart selected
  • Potentially more to come :slight_smile:

That said, you can currently create a hardcoded helm deployment. You cannot create a custom instance type, but you can consume the Kubernetes Instance Type that allows you to select the Helm chart to deploy (though has some concepts not required and part of the rework).

Thanks for the reply! That’s exciting news and I’m super happy Morpheus is being developed and improved upon so rapidly.

I never tried to do this but I believe it’s pretty close to what I need. I see that I can specify my HELM chart as the kube spec - this is perfect :smiley: Thanks for the nudge in the right direction!